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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

GB Women to play French National Police Team in Beauvais

The Great Britain Women's squad moved from Nantes to Beauvais following the completion of the preliminary rounds of the women's World Cup in France. Having watched Germany and Korea progress to the main round, the GB teams minds moved to their own matches. On Thursday the squad plays the French National Police Team in an afternoon match at the main arena before the Presidents Cup rounds start in the evening.
This will be a tough challenge for the squad but an excellent warm up for the international against Luxembourg on Saturday.The squad has no major injuries apart from left back Lada Dungworth who injured her back just prior to the camp, so there will be a need for the remaining key back players Lynn McCafferty, Britt Goodwin and Yvette Frings to take on the additional responsibility.
Coach Morten Arvidsson took the squad for a light training session on Wednesday night after their journey, working on the counter attack and defensive positioning. This followed a session of video analysis of their game against St Sebastian as well as reviewing the defense work of France and Korea.
Good news for the squad is the welcome return of left winger Holly Lam-Moores from the Haslingden club, as she is now on the way back after a long layoff with a back injury.
Following the training camp, eight of the squad will return to the Handball Academy in Aarhus for the start of the spring term. They are: Cerys Walker, Lada Dungworth, Louise Jukes, Laura Innes , Sophie Keen , Holly Lam – Moores and Sarah Hargreaves
Text: Mel Chowns

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