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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Perfect venue, wrong sport

Somebody has gone and built the perfect handball venue in Swindon.

A full-sized handball court, junior court, handball goals, a proper sports floor and no other floor markings to confuse things, all in one building.

The company behind the venture are also planning to open a venue in every major city in the country.

Too good to be true? Well, possibly.

It wasn’t built for handball, but for futsal, FIFA’s official indoor football game, played five a-side on a handball court.

@Futsal, the company behind the venture, have converted a former warehouse into a futsal arena, with warm-up areas, a physio room and café.

The company are predicting that futsal could really take off in the UK as they aim to open 30 venues within the next three years.

They could be right, the FA are already promoting the game through the national team and their county associations, and others are also seeing the potential for the sport, the Royal National College for the Blind for example have recently open a new £21 million facility with a dedicated futsal court.

The next @Futsal venue will be built in South Wales and more venues are planned for Birmingham, London and Manchester.

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