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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chairman Urges Caution After Funding Boost

BRITISH Handball has been celebrating this week with the news that UK Sport has doubled their funding for the London 2012 Olympic cycle – but chairman John Brewer, pictured, is keen to point out that it may not solve all their problems.

The board of the British Handball Association met in London this week to discuss a number of issues and drive the organisation forward in light of UK Sport’s announcement of another £1.44 million which will ensure our programme continues until at least 2013.

However, last month’s warnings from the British Olympic Association that their own financial constraints may limit the size of the team they send to the games are still very much present.

“Whilst the extra funding is a great help to us, it does not yet guarantee our participation in the London 2012 Olympics,” said Brewer this week.

“We can only achieve this by continued hard work and dedication both on and off the court, and we must all work hard to ensure we get the rewards that everyone deserves.

“We are very aware that the money from UK Sport only goes some way towards meeting our aspirations for success, and we will continue to work hard and look at all possible options to secure additional funding from benefactors and sponsors.

“We know that this will not be easy – it is a tough environment and there are other sports out there who are after money as well!”

Most of the so-called minor sports who had their funding reduced earlier in the year received extra money from UK Sport after a funding review announced last week.

There was an extra £13 million handed out by UK Sport, with half that amount coming from the Team 2012 fundraising initiative.

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