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Saturday, April 03, 2010

GB Prepare for Second Iceland Clash

GREAT Britain take on Iceland in Reykjavik this afternoon, and will be out for revenge following the defeat they suffered at Crystal Palace on Wednesday.

The Euro 2010 clash is the fourth of GB’s six group matches, and they will be looking to improve on the 16-27 defeat on Wednesday night where they defended well but struggled in attack.

With Ewa Pallies and Jeanett Andersen both out through injury, GB will need to find another way to improve their goal-scoring.

Head Coach Jesper Holmris said: “We have to improve our attack. We have proved that we can compete against Iceland and Austria 6 against 6, and we were OK against France who were one of the top teams. The defence is on the right track, but we need to improve our attack.

“I think with good preparation and analysing Wednesday’s game we can improve for Saturday’s match. I also know however that it is a big advantage to play at home, so I will be happy with the same score in Iceland as tonight.

“I think we will play a bit smarter and a bit better in Iceland, I hope we will get a bit of help from the crowd and the referees a bit!”

Reports will be available on the British Handball website, while live streaming of the match should be available via Icelandic TV, who are broadcasting live. Click here for the live streaming - http://dagskra.ruv.is/sjonvarpid/2010/04/03/

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