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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Handball Celebrates Two Years to Olympics

GREAT Britain handball stars Kathryn Fudge and Huw Goodwin got a taste of the Olympics this week when they attended the celebrations at the Olympic Park in London to mark two years before the games come to London in 2012.

The pair met a host of other sporting aces from all the Olympic disciplines, including three-time Olympic gold medalling cyclist Chris Hoy and sprinter Michael Johnson, as well as London Mayor Boris Johnson and London 2012 chief, Lord Coe.

“It was a great day and is always good to be able to share experiences with other like-minded athletes,” said Huw Goodwin. “To be in the Olympic Park was unbelievable.

“I have been on the viewing platform before and seen the main stadium from a distance, and I thought it was going to be the same. But when we drove into the park and got up close to the venues it was incredible.

“The best moment was being able to walk into the stadium and into the middle with the other athletes. I imagined what it would be like with the stadium full of spectators and what the atmosphere would be like in the opening ceremony.

“Hairs were standing up on the back of my neck and it was a hugely motivating experience. I just can't wait now until London 2012 gets started for real.”

Both Huw and Kathryn were featured live on BBC TV as all the athletes walked around the Olympic park and talked to schoolchildren about their lives as elite athletes and their hopes for the games.

They were also interviewed by the media, who were keen to hear the stories from the so-called minor sports such as handball, just as much as the more established sports.

"We are well on track,” said Lord Coe. “The venues are nearing completion and our plans are coming together. Now it's the public's turn.

“How will you spend the summer of 2012? Whether it's buying a ticket, becoming a volunteer, being part of our education or culture programmes - there are hundreds of ways you can get involved. Don't wait - to ensure you don't miss out, start planning your Games now.”

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