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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

GB Ace Europe-Bound After Signing New Deal

GB winger Kelsi Fairbrother will play for top Danish side Esbjerg this season after securing a contract following exhaustive trials this summer.

The 21-year-old described her new job as a ‘dream come true’ this week, as she prepared for what looks set to be an exciting season.

Esbjerg finished sixth in the Liga last season, and qualified for European handball, where Kelsi hopes to play against some of the top names in the sport.

She began her trial period with Esbjerg in July, and attended several camps and team-building sessions with her new colleagues - including air sea rescue and fire fighting!

“I now know how it feels to truly rely on someone else and fully trust them,” explained Kelsi, who has previously played in Denmark for TST Hjorring and Frederikshavn FOX.

“I think this has been the greatest team building I have experienced and has really helped in getting to know the other players and show my capabilities and qualities under pressure, I think I see a career in fire fighting!”

As well as playing at such a high level so early in her career, Kelsi will also be working with renowned coach Jan Paulsen who has close links with Great Britain coach Jesper Holmris.

“I really appreciate the confidence and trust that Jan has shown by taking me into his team,” added Kelsi. “I have known and respected him since arriving in Denmark and meeting him as one of the coaches at the Academy in Aarhus.

“He has been great to work with so far, making training both hard work and fun and I am sure I will develop further under his guidance.”

Kelsi is now training hard to establish a regular spot in the team, and is already dreaming of playing European handball.

“It’s hard to imagine right now what it will feel like to face some of the best players in the world, players I have watched on TV, admired and aspired to be,” she said.

“But at some point this season I hope to stand on court and be one of the them, I'm hoping to give the best display I can and justify why I am here, not only to others watching but to myself!

“It’s also a great chance to show the rest of Europe that GB players can cope and deal with this level - the best league in women's handball!”

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