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Thursday, March 08, 2012

British Handball commits to equality

HANDBALL is a wonderful sport for everyone to play – no matter who you are, where you come from or what your level of ability is!

And British Handball believes that so much, that it is working towards being awarded the Equality Standard mark by UK Sport.

Heidi Bech has been appointed lead officer on equality for British Handball, and is working to put together an updated policy to help us make sure all athletes, staff and volunteers all share the same aims.

“British Handball subscribes to the principles of equality of opportunity and strives to ensure that anyone participating or wishing to participate in handball are able to do so in a discrimination-free environment,” said Mrs Bech.

“British Handball also advocates that all those involved in the sport must always comply with the principles of accepted moral and ethical behaviour and exemplary standards of conduct and make sure that everyone is treated fairly.

“British Handball recognises the value of diversity and is committed to equality of opportunity within the organisation. We therefore aim to create the conditions where players, staff and volunteers are treated with dignity and respect and are treated solely on the basis of their abilities and potential regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, race, ethnic or national origins or socio/economic background or other irrelevant distinctions.

“British Handball wishes to work to become an organisation where discrimination, harassment and victimisation do not exist.”

She is conducting an audit among players, staff and key volunteers in order to find groups that are underrepresented within the BHA. The audit will be on age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic etc.

The audit will then be analysed and British Handball will put together an action plan on how to get the under-represented group more involved in handball.

The Equality Policy will be on the British Handball web site as well as our Twitter and Facebook sites.

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