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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Men's Olympic line-up revealed

THE line-up for the men’s Olympic handball competition has been completed after the final qualification tournaments took place last week.

Great Britain know who the 11 other teams competing in London will be, although the draw for the group stages won’t happen until May 30 at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.

The 12 teams who will compete at London are: Great Britain, France, Spain, Sweden, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Iceland, Denmark, Argentina, Korea and Tunisia.

Dragan Djukic, GB Men’s Head Coach (pictured), said: “This looks like being the best handball event ever!

“Our target is still to play competitive games, and to be as close as possible to non-European teams. Also to use every single game to promote the fantastic game of handball.

“Our last game against Korea give us hope to believe that, with spectators behind us, maybe we can make some miracle and take a win. One dream is close to become reality!”

The line-up for the women’s handball event won’t be known until the qualifying tournaments are completed next month.

Photo: Michael Barnett

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