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Thursday, February 04, 2010

McCafferty Loves the Italian Job

LIFE in Italy is helping GB women’s team captain Lynn McCafferty improve her handball, with a different style of play and tough fitness regime paying dividends.

With her help, Brixen are second in the league and could still make the play-offs for a spot in the top flight. And from an international point of view, McCafferty is benefitting from improved fitness with regular sessions with a strength and conditioning coach being part of the regular regime for all the players at Brixen.

“Playing for Brixen is helping me experience different playing styles,” she said. “And I have the opportunity to play for 60 minutes so I am getting fit and trying to shoot more and gain some confidence.

“We also work with a strength and conditioning coach which is perfect, as when we are with GB it is important to be fit and conditioned.”

“Handball here in the Second League is a little bit different to what I am used to, and I have definitely taken my time to get used to it! But I do hope now that I am more aware of the culture, the style, the home and away 'rulings' and most importantly working with my team.”

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53 said...

I guess my friend Ernani is doing a good job with her.