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Thursday, October 14, 2010

GB Goalkeepers Battling Injuries

GREAT Britain goalkeepers Laura Innes and Bobby White, pictured, are both struggling to overcome injury at the moment, with Innes nursing a back injury while White is battling a hip complaint.

Birmingham-based Innes, who plays for LK Zug in Switzerland, has been unable to shake off a long-term back injury and was diagnosed with two prolapsed discs.

After two weeks treatment at the British Olympic Association’s Intense Rehab Unit at Bisham Abbey, Innes returned to her club and played in the Champions League qualifying matches. But her injury had not gone away, and she has returned to Bisham Abbey for more treatment.

“There is nothing worse than being told you can't play,” she said. “It means so much to me as I enjoy it so much.

“However, I am home now to see our support staff and there are many people supporting me on the road to recovery. I have a great plan from now on in - I have had a facet joint injection (an injection into the joints in my spine) and am resting now before returning to Bisham Abbey.

“From now on it is continued hard work from me, and with a little bit of luck I should be back playing again for GB and LK Zug as soon as possible. I am already itching to be back!”

Men’s team goalkeeper Bobby White, from Milton Keynes, has also been playing through pain, but his hip injury is showing no signs of getting any batter.

He is waiting to see British Handball doctor Polly Baker for a complete diagnosis and rehab plan.

“I’m battling on, but I’m not doing much good as my movement is limited and slowing me down,” said White. “It’s not so bad when I’m fully warmed up, but just walking to the shops is giving me a lot of grief.

“I played ten minutes on Saturday and will play this Saturday, then I have three weeks off before our training camp at Crystal Palace.”

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